Top Horror Movies to Watch this Weekend

pet clown doll

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

This is one of the best Slasher/Horror Comedy ever made. All of the three elements are of a constant environment in this amazing movie.The story is of Tucker and Dale who go onto enjoy their vacation home which they recently bought. Meanwhile a group of college kids is doing their adventure things near the vacation home. The story is basically a misunderstanding between the two groups and the byproduct is this funny movie.

Pet Sematary (1989))

How did this only get 51% on rotten tomatoes are those people high. This movie gave me nightmares as a kid i was afraid that Gage was going to come out of my closet. The tone is perfect and for the budget they had it was very well spent and the same can be said about both the effects and set design and every single character is likable and you legitimately care about every one of them and Louis' s decision to bring Gage back isn't just a dumb decision you can easily relate to him especially parents I consider Pet Sematary a horror masterpiece.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

I'm not entirely sure how I can describe this last film in the Chucky film franchise, but all in all it's pretty interesting. From the characters to the story to the effects to the killings to the mystery to the shocking fact about Chucky possessing not just one doll to even the shocking ending of the film itself this movie delivers other certain facts about Chucky that we never saw coming, I know I sure didn't. Brad Dourif as we all know still plays one of the most notorious, diabolical, sinister, devious, spychotic, evil and rotten to the core slashers in recorded history who did start out as Charles Lee Ray but now is the insane killer doll we all know and admire today. CHUCKY THE KILLER DOLL!!!!! And I couldn't be more impressed

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